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How precious are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Little Moments, Daily Devotional

The battle is fought and won in the little moments. When  I choose more, I feel powerful. I choose love and not lack and that makes my being so happy my heart soars. I am connected to my limitless nature and I am capable of anything.

It is essential that we wake up to the spiritual energies all around. There are dark forces that seek to bring one down at any opportunity and there are forces of love standing by; they whisper of the strength within and encourage one toward their muchness. This is how we create ourselves moment by moment.

For me, a moment like this is one in which I don't lick that little bit of frosting off my finger. Or I don't have one more apple or one more bite because I am full and I am satisfied. Or a moment of choosing trust and faith instead of fear and doubt. And even a moment like this where I do share that seeking God is the most powerful activator in raising ones vibration and that the enemy is trying to bring us down in every little moment possible.

How amazing still that God will use every moment no matter what to his advantage. Even when I feel I acted wrong, maybe from impatience or control or from a place of fear or lack; I choose a moment of power by being able to love my shadow selves, accept them, understand them and learn from the experience. These moments are kind invitations to expand more and accept the place one is at on ones journey even when wanting to rush ahead.

I want to remind us all that we are strong in Christ; that we are warriors of love, that we are becoming and that we are. I want to remind us all to be present with our day and to focus on becoming with the experiences and feelings given to us in our now, even right now. One becomes the vision that they have of themselves - their higher self - by the choices made in every moment. We choose who we want to be by the way we respond to these everyday trials. We become more Christ like in these little moments when we take our strength in doing what we know will better serve our growth when we do  different to get different. I encourage us all to love ourselves, to love God so that from within we may shine our light out.

I encourage us all to make conscious choices that will support our growth and draw us closer to God. I encourage us to make the kind of choices that grow our character, our self esteem, health, connections and bring us into our power. We are powerful in Christ when we follow his example and live as he did. We deserve every good thing that the Father has for us and it is a delight to our souls to do his will and honor the covenant we have entered into with him.

Blessings and much love and encouragement to you all.


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